Thursday, April 17, 2008

God and His Shape - Incorporeal Divine Light, Nirakar Jyotir Bindu Swaroop

My Dear Lovely Friends,

I love you all and want to share my life story.

I want to share with u all one important thing for our life and GOD, God's Time.

Mainly Our life concern here Interconnected with GOD and Time.
No one give the freedom for the soul without knowing about self(SOUL) and GOD.

I came infront of u just because of my life changed allot after knowing about my true self(Soul) and GOD(Supreme Soul).

Now I know Who Am I, Who is God, What is the Currently Time going on.

I am peaceful soul and immortal being in this body, I am incognito actor in brain which I interact daily my needs with this body.

I am mind, I am intellect, I am sanskars but not brain, not these physical eyes or not this physical body. I got benefit after knowing about my beauty of mind and intellect.

GOD is neither Divine soul nor Righteous Souls, GOD is Supreme Soul.

Sri krishna, Sri Rama, Sri Lakshmi, Ganesh, Hanuman or Ayyappa, Gayatri Devi, Sarswati Devi, Abraham, Goutham Budda, Jesus Chirist, Guru Nanak are not GOD.

Souls are 6 types.
1.Sinful Soul(Papatma)
2.Charitable Soul(Punyatma)
3.Great Soul(Mahatma)
4.Righteous soul(Dharmatma)
5.Divine Soul(Devatma)
6.Supreme Soul(Parampita Paramatma).

if I see God in Sri krishna, why other religions not believing sri krishna as god,

God is only one not many.

These are all Divine Souls

Sri Krishna, Sri Rama, Narayan, Balagi, Durga , Sri Lakshmi, Ganesh, Hanuman or Ayyappa, Gayatri, Sarswati Devi.

These are all Righteous Souls

Abraham, Goutham Buddha, Jesus Christ, Guru Nanak.

Here Everyone has body, I mean if anyone take this physical body it will goto dust(earth).
No one has more than 150 years, 200 years, 300 years body on this earth.

Body is Mortal Coil but Soul is Immortal.

God also Soul but Supreme Soul(Which doesn't have Physical Body, birth, death).

If I see here, As per today Population count is: 6,642,326,555, then 6,642,326,555 souls on this earth.

Population is increasing day by day then new souls are coming to earth, what is the source for new souls. Can I create soul? Soul can’t create with science.

We can't find birth or death through science.

God is not on this physical earth or in these 6,642,326,555 souls.

No guru gives liberation in life, only God & Godrays saves us. God rays is Rajayoga Meditation. Once you exp. God, you no need to search anything in this world. . Supreme Soul(Shiva baba) only can give us Liberation(Mukti) & Liberation in life(Jeevan Mukti).

Supreme Soul - Father of All souls is beyond the sound

Supreme Soul - Father of All souls is beyond the sound
God is in Sweet Silence Home